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Ebook For Ms Word 2007

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Microsoft Office Word Step by Step. About eBook formats Book ; eBook As of today we have 82,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no Microsoft Office Word Step by Step eBook - Pearsoncmg. It's no wonder that The Power of Now has sold over 2 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over 30 forei.

Smashwords will kick your book back if you have used tabs or multiple hits on the space bar to center copy. Continue hitting replace until Word tells you there is nothing left to replace.

Edited to add: If you are working with a backlist book that you had scanned, also search for Optional Hyphens. They will also be harder to delete. I suggest you just add this to your custom toolbar at the top. Do that by clicking on the Office Button, going to Word Options at bottom of that window and then Customize.

With this in place and clicked. You have just put on your magic goggles and can see the code behind the words.

Look for little arrows. Those are tabs.

Microsoft Word 2007 Mini Course Tutorial – Free Download

Dots are spaces. Here is where you will decide how your book will look. Pick your font and font size, but keep them simple.

With eBooks people get to change these things anyway. There you want no more than a. You also do not want double spaced lines. For spacing before I have 0, for after I have 6pt. You may, however, choose to have no first line indent and instead do a bigger space after paragraphs.

This is an esthetic and completely up to you. You may want to play with it a bit and view the final book in an eReader before getting set on one way.

The important part is not to have double spacing and not to have a gigantic indent. These look ugly in an ebook. After Body, do your chapter heads. This is a good time to note that you can change the names of these various styles by right-clicking on them also. You may run into TOC issues if you rename these. The others though? Name them whatever you like. Remember no extra paragraph returns and no tabs. Remember that copy you saved with italics highlighted?

Pull it out now, search for the copy and apply this new style to it. You can set up styles for any special copy you like. Name it whatever you like…something like eBook or Smashwords or whatever reminds you that this is for formatting your ebooks.

Now when you go to do this again, your style sheet will be there for you. Cool, right? You will probably discover new styles you need to add or modify as you go.

Now that things look good, we just have a few more details to take care of. For Smashwords, you have to put in what they request. You can find this in the Smashwords style guide.

How To Format an Ebook using Microsoft Word

Do remember that whatever you put here will eat into the free preview readers get of your book when deciding whether to download it.

For back copy, add your bonus materials if any , where to find out more information about you and your other books website , and anything else you think readers might actually hang around and keep reading.

I like them, and there are two ways to create them in Word. Due to the insane length of this piece for now I will leave it at that. As a reader, I like a page break. I have found in general you can use them, but you may on occasion get a blank page thrown in.

The choice is yours. Now you can easily click to each chapter header and see if there is a section or page break in front of it.

How to Use Microsoft Word to Create an Ebook

I suggest when you do this you make sure you are in Body copy and not Heading 1. This keeps the spacing consistent. What I do to assure this is I start right below the body copy at the end of the prior chapter and hit four returns. Then I place my cursor on the third blank line and insert my page break. This keeps things tidy. Continue scrolling and looking for extra hard returns, section breaks, etc.

I find the outline view is great for spotting this kind of stuff. To start your ebook, create a new Word document.

If you plan to make multiple ebooks, design a basic layout and save it as a Word template so that you can use it for each new book. If you are making just one ebook, you can go ahead and place your text in it as you go. Add the Title Page Start with the title page, typing the book title, subtitle, and author name, along with any other details that should appear here.

Select the title text and format it by clicking the Title style in the Styles gallery on the Home tab of the Ribbon toolbar. Click a style in the Styles gallery to apply it to the selected text. Select and format all of the other text on the title page, too; for example, you can choose the style Emphasis for the author name and other information. If a style does not format text the way you want it to look, you can change the style by right-clicking its name in the Style gallery and choosing Modify.

Make your desired changes to the font, font size, and any other settings in the Modify Style dialog box, and click OK to apply them. All text formatted with that style will change automatically to match the new settings.

Choose Page Layout, Breaks, Page to begin a new page. If this next page is to be a table of contents for the book, type a title such as Table of Contents and then choose References, Table of Contents, Insert Table of Contents.There are many reasons to create your own ebooks: 1 so you can add new titles to each backlist title as you launch new books, so you can catch and change those last couple of pesky typos someone is sure to point out, and 3 because it saves money and provides more control.

For an ebook, it is best practice to keep these to a minimum.

Let her roll.. Please share!

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Some people might have kept their typewriter, but that is mostly for sentimental reasons. I hope you found it helpful and if not…search around, I guarantee there are other methods to try.

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You should now see the site tab in Word. Hint: You start with a Word document.

This is a good time to note that you can change the names of these various styles by right-clicking on them also.