Zen To Done takes some of the best aspects of a few popular productivity systems (GTD, Stephen Covey and others) and combines them with. download Zen to Done by Leo Babauta (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the 'Zen to Done' is Available on the iBookstore Available in ePub Format. Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Zen Experience by Thomas Hoover. No cover available.

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You can download the book for free here: The One Skill ebook (pdf). I've also exported it as an epub (download) but not tested it yet. And here's. While it's called Getting Things Done, often what we end up doing most of the time is Getting Things in Our Trusted System. The book, while. Thank you, but are these available in an Epub or Mobi format? permalink of Contentment) and the other is about productivity (Zen to Done).

But ZTD takes some of the problems that people have in implementing it, and adapts it for real life. Each of these habits should be learned and practiced one at a time if possible, or at a time at the most. Focus on your habit change for 30 days, then move on to the next. Experiment and find the ones that work best with your working style. Habits are the most essential, but I suggest you give Habits serious consideration too.

I will expand on each of these 10 habits in future posts. Carry a small notebook or whatever capture tool works for you and write down any tasks, ideas, projects, or other information that pop into your head. This is the same as GTD.

But ZTD asks you to pick a very simple, portable, easy-to-use tool for capture — a small notebook or small stack of index cards are preferred but not mandated , simply because they are much easier to use and carry around than a PDA or notebook computer. The simpler the tools, the better. When you get back to your home or office, empty your notes into your to-do list a simple to-do list will work for now — context lists can come in a later habit.

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Letting stuff pile up is procrastinating on making decisions. Process your inboxes email, physical, voicemail, notebook at least once a day, and more frequently if needed. When you process, do it from the top down, making a decision on each item, as in GTD: Each week, list the Big Rocks that you want to accomplish, and schedule them first.

Each day, create a list of MITs basically your Big Rocks for the day and be sure to accomplish them. Do your MITs early in the day to get them out of the way and to ensure that they get done. This is one of the most important habits in ZTD.

Zen To Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System by Leo Babauta

You must select a task preferably one of your MITs and focus on it to the exclusion of all else. First, eliminate all distractions.

Shut off email, cell phone, Internet if possible otherwise just close all unnecessary tabs , clutter on your desk if you follow habit 2, this should be pretty easy.

Then, set a timer if you like, or otherwise just focus on your task for as long as possible. Basically the same as GTD — have context lists, such as work, phone, home, errands, waiting, etc. ZTD suggests that you keep your lists as simple as possible.

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Either use a simple notebook or index cards for your lists, or use the simplest list program possible. Just one list for each context, and a projects list that you review either daily or weekly. Linking actions to both projects and contexts is nice, but can get too complicated.

Keep it simple, and focus on what you have to do right now, not on playing with your system or your tools.

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All incoming stuff goes in your inbox. Put things where they belong, right away, instead of piling them up to sort later. This keeps your desk clear so you can focus on your work. One of the problems with GTD is that it attempts to tackle all incoming tasks. But this can overload us, and leave us without the necessary focus on the important tasks MITs.

So instead, ZTD asks you to review your task and project lists, and see if you can simplify them. Remove everything but the essential projects and tasks, so you can focus on them.


Simplify your commitments, and your incoming information stream. Be sure that your projects and tasks line up with your yearly and life goals. Suggestions: include a step-by-step section at the end after reading the in-depth how-to part. Drop the anti-Windows platform sentiments; it is petty and detracts from your value as an expert.

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He has more up-to-date info conc It's that time again, when I sit down and try to turn my , word novel into something that won't makes people's eyes vomit when they bring it up on a site.

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