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TESTS WITH ANSWERS New International Business English Test UNIT 1 Face . D invalid 8 After rationalisation the company was and its order book was full. Student's Book Communication Skills in English for Business Purposes New International Business English is a course for upper intermediate (B2) level. Results Browse, shop and download Business English teaching and learning resources from Cambridge English. 1 Classroom Audio (Business Plus Level 1 Student's Book). Audio, 63mb Standardisation and differentiation PDF, 57kb Author Article Ask the Author (New International Business English). PDF, 41kb.

H ost: A promoting B encouraging C competing D supporting 2 Although prices have remained for the past two years we are expecting a sharp rise in the near future. A still B immobile C same D static 3 This particular of ice cream is supposed to contain very little fat.

A name B brand C label D product 4 Their products are only available through selected. A outlooks B outlets C outlines D outfits 5 The sales for the next few months is not particularly optimistic. A figures B drive C forecast D trend 6 The advertising company have come up with a catchy new for the car.

A effect B impact C influence D mark 9 Supermarkets often find point of sale very useful when introducing new products to their customers.

People should be Unique Selling Proposition reminded of our good reputation and image. They make me feel expensive. Begin with the highest probability. A finish B hold C adjourn D interrupt 2 Copies of the for the meeting were distributed to the heads of departments. A proposal B summary C plan D agenda 3 The management committee that flexitime should be limited to permanent members of staff. A stipulated B required C asked D wanted 4 The members were asked to on the proposal to introduce flexitime.

A choose B designate C prefer D adopt 6 The chair suggested that we got to business as quickly as possible as there was a lot to get through. A on B up C down D about 7 She made sure that everyone was able to express their points of.

A view B opinion C idea D impression 8 H e thanked the management behalf of the staff for taking their suggestions seriously. A with B on C in D for 9 The management decided to accept the proposals put forward by the committee. A unanimously B altogether C completely D totally 10 H e was unable to stay for the of the meeting as he had other business to attend to.

B Provide more car-parking places. C M ake sure everyone has a chance to give their views.

New International Business English

D Flexible hours should only be worked on M ondays and Fridays. E If there is disagreement on any point, call for a vote. F The meeting ended at 5. G Any other business. H It was agreed that most people were happy with the present system.

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J Arrangements for the Company picnic. A conditions B terms C particulars D qualifications 3 There was a major breakdown in the factory so the assembly line was brought to a. A stoppage B close C halt D pause 4 The temperature of the chocolate mixture has to be carefully as it affects texture and flavour.

A monitored B guided C followed D surveyed 5 Paper can get to the drum or between the rollers. A fixed B joined C connected D stuck 6 The motor should rotate the wheels at very speeds to ensure a consistent mix. A correct B precise C definite D particularly 7 This model is fitted all the latest electronic gadgets.

New International Business English Teacher's Book

A on B for C with D up 8 Full are given on the back of the packet. A instructions B operations C outlines D functions 9 There was no room in the warehouse as all space was taken up with unsold machinery.

A allowable B available C attainable D applicable 10 A microprocessor temperature changes. B When the chocolate beans arrive at the factory they are sorted out and cleaned. C This solid mass is used to make a variety of chocolate products. E The mass is allowed to cool and, as it does so, it solidifies. F The next process, called kibbling, involves breaking down the beans into small pieces. G Then the beans are fed into revolving drums where they are roasted.

There are two phrases you do not need to use. I see. You then put the mixture into a greased cake tin and pop it in a preheated oven. N ot very difficult, is it?

A satisfaction B expectation C achievement D acceptance 2 The company needed to make job cuts so they asked staff to for redundancy. A offer B choose C volunteer D select 3 Employees are allowed up to three weeks unpaid a year.

A overdone B overall C overbearing D overblown 6 M any people would jump the chance of working for a successful travel company. A long-lived B long-standing C long-winded D long-term 8 O ne of the advantages of this job is that they offer accommodation at a rent.

A area B room C scope D space 10 Unfortunately there is still a lot of against older people in the workplace. There are two headings you do not need to use. N ame: Johanna N eedham Address: Single 2: M ountaineering, Painting, Reading Languages: Spanish good French basic 5: A checked B changed C cheated D charged 2 The retailer was allowed to order the goods on a sale or basis. A return B revert C restore D retract 3 The service engineer was to guarantee the work for six months.

A granted B conceded C accepted D prepared 4 It was agreed that the full cost would be refunded if the goods were returned in perfect. A in B after C at D over 6 Before negotiating a deal make sure you know the strengths and weaknesses of products.

A competing B conflicting C commanding D connecting 7 A good salesperson can almost anybody to download anything. A satisfy B appeal C persuade D adapt 8 O nce they had agreed terms the deal was pushed very quickly.

A last B longest C least D latest 10 The most effective sales technique is one which tells the customer how the product will him or her. Do not use a word or phrase more than once. It was agreed that the cause of the 1 was very simple. The equipment used to deliver the components to the 2 has been in need of an 3 for some time.

We had decided to 4 a fully automated robot system but there were insufficient 5 engineers to run it if significant problems arose.

A good chairperson should start the meeting on time and 6 to the agenda. Everyone should be given a chance to 7 their views and individuals should not be allowed to 8 the discussion.

Allow time for 10 to be considered before the meeting is drawn to a close. We are presently 11 new graduates as management trainees. Prospects for 12 on completion of the training programme are excellent. If you are interested please submit a full C. Related Papers.

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