New to the hobby? Self learning & need help? Frustrated? These RC helicopter e Books will help, while cutting your learning time down substantially. The Beginners Guide To Flying RC helicopters is an all inclusive eBook that . downloading the book, reading it and practicing the basics is substantially cheaper and . Setup & Tips For Collective Pitch RC Helicopters eBook This e-book is the result of many questions I have received about how to properly set up a collective .

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Here we have some of the best RC helicopter ebooks around; all essential reading if you're serious about getting in to RC airplane magazines and books. Choose, build and fly your radio controlled helicopter successfully, from choice of model and radio. left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by Book Depository US. . This is just a basic over look at the RC helicopter hobby.I would like. The best comprehensive guide to Rc Helicopters to date with most of the information a This book is for you if you: •If you want to learn how to effectively fly your.

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3D RC Helicopter Flying – Book – by Russ Deakin

More refinements Additional navigation. Download preview PDF. References 1. Abbeel, P. Anderson, B. Bagnell, J.

Coates, A. Gavrilets, V. Jacobson, D.

I thank you so much for your help and this book. Robert Parks - United States Hi John, I just downloadd your RC helicopter tips ebook and have read through most of it. Prior to reading, the jump from a FP trainer to a CP machine seemed daunting due to the complexity.

Having read your book, I feel that I now have a solid foundation of knowledge and an excellent reference for setup and repairs. I appreciate your presentation style and acknowledgment that some things are subjective. Where you do present your opinions, you provide some explanation behind them as well.

I was originally leaning towards the Trex Sport since it seems to be "the" thing in class, but the eFlite had some appeal since it's well supported by the local hobbyshop and only hobbyshop within 25 miles. Your ebook made me a lot more comfortable with the eFlite as being a good entry-level CP heli, but one capable of advanced flight as well. Anyway, thanks for the great website and the excellent ebook; it was well worth the download price!

Dave Regis - United States John, I downloadd your RC helicopter tips e-book a couple of days ago and must say, I have never learned so much in a little amount of time in my life. I was very intimidated at first until I was able to "set it up" for beginners.

It was like a light bulb went off in my head.

From using a pitch gauge to pitch and throttle curves to dual rates, it all made sense. Just wanted to thank you for the info and the countless hours it probably took to create and put these e-books together.

You have definitely made this hobby much more enjoyable for me. Have a great one Bryan Trautman. I'm happy to report that my money clearly wasn't wasted. Your e-books are just as good, if not better than your website. Your terrific guidance has given me the courage to take the next step and I've ordered a Blade Thank you for giving me the tools necessary to begin this journey.

Additionally, I'd like to commend you for linking to Red Rocket Hobbies. I had a rather unfortunate experience when I ordered the MCX from another vendor.

I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism that RedRocket has demonstrated as they handled my subsequent orders. They are now my go-to source. Cheers, David Rodgers - United States John, I just had to let you know how much your RC helicopter tips e-book helped me. I bought a Blade , but as you know it is a bit much for a beginner.

The new settings made my Blade the perfect trainer. I am flying it all the time and enjoying every minute. Rick Harris - United States John, I'd thought I'd give you an update of my progress, since I used your website and ebook to take my first steps into this hobby.

I'm on week 4 now, and I've run about 70 batteries at this point on my Blade I'm well into FF flight, nose in hovering, figure eights, and stall turns. Oh, and the training gear came off earlier this week. I've cranked my head speed up a bit in anticipation of moving to idle up in the next week or two, and I hope to attempt my first roll.

Since I approached my training systematically with the help of your website, the simulator, and proper setup on my Blade , I haven't had a single crash yet! It will happen as I push myself harder and harder, or have a mechanical failure, or just do something stupid.

Thanks again for all the help. You successfully launched this student into the hobby!

Autonomous Autorotation of an RC Helicopter

Alex - United States John, Thank you for writing such a great informative book on collective pitch RC helicopter tips. I have been flying a Blade indoors in the large gym of the school where I work.

I have learned more creative ways to crash than I care to think about. The manual that comes with the kit does not give enough information to be useful to me and I have searched all the local hobby shops looking for a book like yours. Today a co-worker showed me his copy of your book and it was exactly what I had been looking for. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience for all us frustrated beginners. I will be sure to pass on your address and information on how to get your book to all my frustrated fellow flyers.

At Again, Thank you. Jerome D. Pickard - United States John, I have read and re-read a lot of information on the net. I love to read and have read everything I could find on the net and ordered books and video's, read and watched them also.

Your site and the RC helicopter tips booklet have been more help to me than all the other information put together. There's a lot of stuff out there, some of it not too good and some just pure junk, not worth the time it takes to read it, but I've put the flying lessons and Blade booklet into page protectors in notebooks and read and refer to it every day.

I've highlighted section and memorized a lot of it, now if my brain and fingers would just do what my eyes want them to do. BIG learning curve. Thanks a million for all the information. Gregg Miller - United States John, I've downloadd your RC helicopter tips e-guide some 10 days ago.

The process was fast and easy. I must say that it was money very well spent. The pitch and throttle curves are extremely helpful. Also I was flying exponential and switched to dual rate. We had fantastic flying weather and managed to fly several packs a day. The progress is enormous. Before these settings converting my flying skills from the simulator onto my heli was difficult and frustrating.

Now this is no longer the case. I am amazed of the stability. Regards, Philip - Belgium I downloadd your CP RC helicopter tips guide yesterday and wish I had known about this information ten months ago.

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I am 54 years of age and relatively new to rc heli flying - been flying for almost a year now. I know that the Cypher is a hot bird and I just wanted some general guidelines to set it up for relaxed hovering and gentle sport flying.

You are right. The Blade could be marketed to a wider spectrum of lower skilled heli pilots - like myself - if the performance parameters are set correctly.

In closing, I would just like to say "many thanks! I highly recommend this publication to anyone thinking about or just getting into RC heli flight. Sincerely, Victor H. Parks - United States I just wanted to say thank you for all your help to me in this hobby.I particularly like the way you take the most technical of subjects and translate it into language we can easily understand.

I wish it had been published before I took up RC helis.

I would have saved a lot of money and disappointment. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. A more complicated multi-channel CP helicopter will have motor power, cyclic, collective and yaw control as well as additional 'idle up' and remote gyro gain control — in this case it has six channels.

Are you tired of wasting time seeking partial and conflicting information on the internet? I am amazed of the stability. But then I read the site, and bought your "set-up" RC helicopter tips ebook, and the information you provide is phenomenal.

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