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Digital Electronics by Ashish Murolia and RK Kanodia For More Details visit www Digital Life-Sciences partCSIR-JRF-NET-GATE-DBT. GATE Electrical Engineering Topicwise Solved Paper by RK Kanodia & Ashish Murolia Page 15 = avx ^6y. 2h Since Hence. the PdF of random variable x as . GATE EE vol-2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. GATE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Vol 2 of 4. RK Kanodia Ashish Murolia.

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Gate Mcq Ee_ by Rk Kanodia

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GATE Electrical Solved paper - R K Kanodia

Is our service is satisfied, Anything want to say? Cancel reply. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. What will be the output voltage for a firing angle of 60c, assuming continuous conduction A V C V 8. The converter is operating at a firing angle of 60c.

What is the value of firing delay angle , which dictates the boundary between continuous and discontinuous mode of current conduction? Assuming that the dc output current of the rectifier is constant, the lowest frequency harmonic component in the ac source line current is A Hz B Hz C Hz D Hz 8. The dc motor load is represented by an equivalent circuit as shown in the figure.

Assume that the load inductance is sufficient to ensure continuous and ripple free load current.

The fundamental power factor displacement factor at input ac mains is A 0. The converter has to have a freewheeling diode.

A because the converter inherently does not provide for freewheeling B because the converter does not provide for free-wheeling for high values of triggering angles C or else the free-wheeling action of the converter will cause shorting of the AC supply D or else if a gate pulse to one of the SCRs is missed, it will subsequently cause a high load current in the other SCR.

Then which of the following is true for the circuit? A The thyristor is gated in the positive half cycle of e t at a delay angle equal to Assume that the load inductance is sufficient to ensure continuous and ripple free load current. The system is controllable for A a1!

So A is stable. The synchronous generator transfers 1.

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The inductance and capacitance of the overhead transmission lines are 1. A current of 1 A passes from terminal a to terminal b as shown in figure, Voltage between terminal a and b is.

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