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Bonsai Techniques II by John Yoshio Naka; 2 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Bonsai. I know John is no longer with us, and it will only be a matter of time before his work becomes public domain, but I hate to see his work given. JOHN NAKA BONSAI TECHNIQUES 1 - John Naka Bonsai Techniques essentials of risk management pdf mbr manual user guide.

Is this wrong? Now instead of selling the book they make a copy it and gives it to a friend for free.

Download Bonsai Techniques II by John Yoshio Naka (1998-12-01) PDF

No profit was made. What about for 10 copies? What about a book that is no longer in print? The profit from any copies that are sold does not go to the author. You get onto a slippery slope when you start talking about intellectual property.

Poink88 Imperial Masterpiece Jun 10, We all have a different moral compass. All of us make mistakes, some realize it and correct it, some justify it by their beliefs, interpretation of the law, religion, culture, etc. To try to convince them otherwise is most of the time futile. Just to clarify.

John Naka's Bonsai Sketchbook

I am one of "them" both camps. I correct at times and justify some. And yes, convincing me could be futile too! KennedyMarx Omono Jun 10, I read the entire thing from that link on my ipad a couple of nights before you posted the link. Thought about posting it here, but forgot about it.


I'm not surprised at the reactions. I think the bonsai community is pretty conservative.

Intellectual property laws need reformed badly. And the person has been dead, in this case for more than a decade, and the book in question has been out of print for how many years now?

I can't say I'm sorry for reading a scan of the book rather than paying some person that had nothing to do with Naka or his family an inflated amount for a hard copy. I most certainly would prefer a hard copy and am trying to find one for a good price.

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I just want it in my hands while working. Ebooks just dont do it for me. Not sure how the copyright stuff works on this site, but I didn't post it I can tell you how it works. This is an infringement, and by posting it, you are assisting in the infringement.


Eric Group Masterpiece Jun 10, It's not a slippery slope. It's a fairly well-defined path. Please don't send the cops to come get me, they may uncover my sinister ring of illegal jaywalkers and that cutting I made that one time of a copyrighted CrEpe Myrtle! I was saying I don't know how the copyright laws work in regards to the site where this book was posted- is it a foreign website?

Is the person who posted it foreign?

Nobody here knows where, so it is virtually impossible to intelligently discuss the legality of his posting this book. Again, I sincerely doubt that a 35 year old book being scanned into a website is going to catch a second look from anybody who prosecutes for these types of things Even if it did, how do you know I didn't post this in the hopes that it would draw attention that would eventually lead to this item being removed and the micrient responsible being thrown into the deepest darkest dungeon imaginable?

Regardless- since nobody here posts it, nobody here asked him to post it and nobody here is John Naka It just made me smile to see someone took the time to honor it by spending hours scaning it into his website.

Messages Likes 77 Location S Africa. Putting something into the world of today and expecting the world to abide by made up rules about how people may acces that info is like a 3rd grader taking hos birtday cupcakes to school and dictating who can get a cupcake and who cant Its childish and unrealistic. Firts and foremost he wanted to share knowledge- thus the book.

If he wanted to make profit above all else- he would have opened a business. Just an idea MidMichBonsai Shohin Jun 10, This whole conversation is a bit silly. This material is copyrighted and reproducing it in this way is illegal.

Should it be I don't know. Act on what your conscience allows, knowing that what your conscience allows, our current court system may not.

You must log in or register to reply here. Life[ edit ] He was born a Nisei Japanese-American , but at age 8 moved back to his parents' home country, where he extensively studied the art of bonsai due to his grandfather's influence. In Orange County , Naka and four friends founded a bonsai club in November, , which is known today as the California Bonsai Society.

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He became a very important force in American bonsai art in the s—60s. He was a driving force in the spread of bonsai appreciation and the practice of bonsai art in the West and elsewhere.

Naka traveled and taught extensively around the world, at conventions and clubs, but refused to hold classes in Japan where bonsai had been highly developed along certain lines over the centuries , saying "They want me to teach, and I tell them it's like trying to preach to Buddha. A very few of his many accomplishments are the following: He published two books, entitled Bonsai Techniques I and Bonsai Techniques II, texts that are revered as being the bibles of western bonsai to many artists.

These books would be translated into French, German, Italian, and Spanish by He contributed articles, forewords, and photographs to a number of specialty magazines and books. Nina S.

The title refers to the little recognized fact that, yes, even bonsai masters can make a mistake. He was an honorary advisor to the National Bonsai Foundation.Scan of drawing submitted by Mike Page. Zum Schneiden extrem starken D rah- tes. I think anyone who payed to have such a great work should be pissed, I am.

Gestaltet seit Log in. It just made me smile to see someone took the time to honor it by spending hours scaning it into his website.

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