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Could you please send me a copy of Colters' Wife in pdf format. Unfortunately I had downloadd at site and their site for PC shut down. Thank you. Suhailh . For the first time, Colters' Woman and the two short story sequels, Colters' Wife and Callie's Meadow are now available in one edition and are listed in the order . Revisit the Colter family just in time for the birth of their first child. Colters' Wife is the epilogue to Colters' Woman by Maya Banks. In Colters' Woman, Holly.

On the site note, the ebook for Sweet Temptation was taken down. Any idea when the site version will come back up? Can you please mail me a copy?

I have a question about site and the ebook version of Sweet Temptations. I have searched all my usual ebook sites and cannot find it. Will it be released in ebook? What is going on?

Colters' Wife

I have all your books and noted dates for any future releases. Regards Caroline. Unfortunately I had downloadd at site and their site for PC shut down.

Thank you. Could you please send me a copy.

Thank you so much. I would love to read this book in epub IF possible?? Can you please send it to me in pdf format. Well, this is my very first visit to your blog!

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Can you please send me a PDF file to me? I have now read 18 of your books and in the end I will read all of them. Thank you very much for writing these books. Could you send me the ebook I have site and iBook, but I have no idea how it works. I love all your books….

Right now reading the KGI series. Can you send it to me?

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It was a natural reaction.

And even though he had gone to great lengths to make her feel at ease, she knew he could be dangerous when crossed. He exuded power and authority, wore it like a mantle draped around him. Her gaze flitted sideways to Ryan.

He was an enigma. He was quiet and serious, but more than that, she saw pain in his eyes.

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She looked up to see him frowning at her. He walked to one of the cabinets and retrieved a bottle of ibuprofen, shook out several pills and handed them to her. Just one more example of them taking care of her. It warmed her to her toes and scared the hell out of her all at the same time.

Was she that easy to read? Could they already see inside her mind and soul? Surely to them, this was a sign they were making headway. And maybe they were, as insane as she was to even contemplate it. She sighed and set down her fork.

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I keep expecting to be told this is one huge joke at my expense. I have three. Three overbearing, overprotective, rather large men. Three men completely devoted to your happiness.But I simply couldn't help myself. Holly gives birth to Adam, Ryan, and Ethan's child, but not before she has her way with 2 of her 3 men.

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Adam leaned forward and brushed his mouth across hers. Well, this is my very first visit to your blog! And a coat.