URDU translated by Abdul Qadir ENGLISH WRITTEN BY S. HUSSAIN ZAIDI Biography CRIME BIO TRUE EVENTS dawood ibrahim s hussain zaidi indian underworld d company. Dongri to Dubai Six Decades. Black Friday_ the True Story of - S Hussain Zaidi. Download Urdu Books, English Books, Novels,Histort Books, Islamic Books, Quran, Hadith,Wazaif, Seerat Books, Biographies, FictionRomantic. Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia is Indian Mafia Queens of Mumbai, books on the bombings in Mumbai (later turned.

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Free download or read online another interesting Pdf Urdu book "Dongri Ta Dubai" (Dongri To Dubai) and explore the the six decades of Mumbai Mafia in Urdu. Paramount Books Largest Bookseller and Publisher in Pakistan. Dongri to Dubai is the first ever attempt to chronicle the history of the Mumbai mafia. It is the story of notorious Glimpses Of Urdu Literature: Select Writings (hb) Free download or read online another interesting Pdf Urdu book "Dongri Ta Dubai" (Dongri To Dubai) and explore the the six decades of.

As he sat there, however, twisting his mind into knots, the doors swung and Iqbal Natiq breezed in. Mohammed Iqbal Natiq, then 35 years old, is the rare overnight success story of a self -made Bombay journalist. He edited and published an Urdu weekly called Raazdaar The Confidante … After working as a freelance journalist and columnist in established papers, Natiq launched his own paper from Dongri in at the age of 26… In two years, Natiq managed to turn around his life, going from struggling journalist to successful newspaper owner and editor.

From owning his own press to driving a spanking new white Ambassador, Natiq began to rise, rubbing shoulders with the elite.

On the record

One man who openly admired him and proudly proclaimed his friendship with him was Dawood [Ibrahim]. Both Natiq and Dawood hailed from Ratnagiri, but more resilient a bond than their common native place was the intrinsic chutzpah they both had… Natiq was a frequent visitor in the darbar of Likha, in keeping with the long time motto of crime reporters; to be where the action is. On this visit, he took one look at Likha and saw all was not well His expression spoke more about his take on the issue than his tongue chose to.

Have you lost your mind, Iqbal? The famous line that the handicapped Thakur Baldev Singh of Sholay had told the cop in the film had become so famous that whenever repeated, it conveyed its meaning in its perfect sense. Understanding dawned. No way!

Then, one day a small encounter scripted the destiny of both the cops and the crime bosses. It had been a idyllic morning thus far, unmarred by anything unpleasant. Soon he realised he was stuck in a massive traffic jam… Furious, he jumped out and charged towards the source of the jam What Likha saw made him speechless.

A Pathan was bleeding profusely from his head and mouth and a youth, his shirt torn, was hitting him left, right and centre. But then he saw the boy; barely 20 years old, short in stature, and beating up a taller, stouter Pathan. The sight amazed him Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar.

But at age of 10, he had to discontinue study because his father was suspended. Ibrahim started the job at Baashu dada. Dawood committed his first ever crime of snatching money at the age of 14, but caught by police and sent to remand home for three years.

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His initial crimes were petty theft, chain snatching, extorting money, beating people and pickpocketing. He started a shop for selling watches and looting customer at Mahatma Market, Mumbai.

So he attacked Baashu dada with soda bottles and injured seriously, Baashu Dada stopped his Pathan-gang. His main assistant Khalid joined Dawood.

A don is born

Dawood and Khalid Peheluwan tortured severely Yusuf Batla, who ran away to jail, sentenced 14 years imprisonment before that, they killed Ayub Lala with a knife at Dongri market. Haji Mastan, Karim Lala, Varadarajan and smugglers including Dawood were arrested during the emergency but released later on.

Then Mumbai airport staff was handling this to Dawood men. Later Dawood negotiated with Arabs directly.

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He managed to get acquitted in Khalid Pehelwan saved Dawood from being killed the same night. Chief Assistants of Dawood continued changing. First was Pathan gang separated on Khalid Pehelwan left Dawood after seven years of assistance.

He separated without violence. Rajan Nair alias Bada Rajan took over. The first victim was Abdul Kunju who was in prison.

He survived JJ Hospital killing but was killed brutally at Chembur. Marriage: Dawood was having a love affair with Sujata Kaur a heroine.

She refused to marry because parents did not approve goon, Dawood. He had relations with heroine Mandakini.

Dongri Ta Dubai Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Dubai, Dawood story is full of ups and downs. In , he had to leave Mumbai because Mumbai police went after him actively and were about to kill by the encounter.

Dawood considers himself as equivalent to President of America so he named his house at Dubai as White House. Police Encounters: Police killed more than goons in encounters, one of the strategies of Dawood is to inform police about the whereabouts of his enemy and getting killed in an encounter.He got out, went to a local restaurant, called the number, and was told to wait by the phone. Gradually it made them power hungry.

His son had indeed found power, but he had, in the process, defamed him. Download all 25 episodes of Aab-e-Hayat novel in Single Pdf.

Like Loading But this incident threatened to destroy his hard-earned respect and reputation. A don is born Read more below By Dawood Ibrahim was a small-time toughie once. They had not come home for two days.