Sai Baba Aartis. Aarti PDF Version (All Languages) Madhyana (Afternoon) — PDF Download Dhoop (Evening) — PDF Download Telugu: Kakad (Morning) — PDF Download Madhyana (Afternoon) — PDF Download Aarti MP3 Version. BABA's Arathi Lyrics - PDF files and can be downloaded Aarathi lyrics sourced from various Shirdi Sai Baba related websites. Thank you so much for providing AArathi songs in telugu!!.Sai baba bless . Thanks for providing sai baba arthi lyrics in Tamil.

Saibaba Harathi Song Lyrics In Telugu Pdf

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Shirdi Sai Baba Aratis. Lyrics: English. Morning. Afternoon. Evening Telugu. Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Night Arati Saibaba · Shirdi Maze Pandharpur. Madhyana Aarati Lyrics in Telugu and English | Shirdi Sai Baba Aarati Songs. Mid day / Madhyana Aarti / Madhyahna Aarati starts at Noon Every Day. Kakada Aarati Lyrics in Telugu and English | Shirdi Sai Baba Aarati Songs AM Shirdi Sai Baba Slokams – Kakada Aarati English Lyrics in Telugu: శ్రీ.

I am searching for good ones for a long time and at last found one Thank you very much for a great work with more clarity and fonts in bigger size.

I am searching for a good quality one for a long time and at last found one Thank u very much for providing aartis in different languages. Can u please provide with script and voice please. I have down loaded one mobile app which good with script in Telugu and voice.

But it works only when network is connected. All Sai devotees will be happy if an app can be devoloped even with off line working.


Thank you very much for providing aarti in PDF.. I'm feeling very happy for getting from you Hi, It was great to have the lyrics in different languages I was very much interested to learn.. I got it now Thank you very much! Thank you very Much Providing This site. It was really good work Thank you very Much.

Hi, Thank you so much for providing this link, it is a indeed link for Sai devotees I am sure it is very much helpful for many people.

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My experience: Downloaded during aarathi which helped me to read it through.. Again, thank you so much Very nice site to know many new things about the Baba - The Great. Blessed were the people who had seen Baba during their life.

Baba, please bless us to live happily by following all your advice and keep us healthy to sing all you arati's daily. Grea wrk by this site builders. This is really amazing website with so much convince. Thank you very much!!! Great service I wish for ua happy life Sincere thanks you.

Great Blog. I downloaded pdf of Aarati Lyrics. May the Sai bless you!! Thank u soomuch sir for providing aarthi in telugu i really appreciate ur work.. Om sai ram. Thanks but i dont understand the language marathi there but can read gujarati. Weneed to understand its meanings as well.

Noble work spreading Sai Naam. Keep it up. Seeking Sai's Blessings. Post a Comment.

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God is light; it can only be seen with light — intelligence. Light dispels darkness- ignorance. Only the lamp can dispel darkness. The flame goes upwards, and what goes upwards is auspicious.

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It reminds us that God cannot be seen easily; there must be light within ourselves to see God. The aarthi reminds us of the God within us waiting for our light to manifest Himself.

In short, we urge to unite with God. We yearn to have that spiritual Light without which we are only dull body or dead body. We welcome this light in our Hrydaya — the cave guha of the heart; which we want to fill with that Light. The number of wicks vary from one to five. Oil represents perseverence, determination, devotion.

Aarthi is also practiced by the waving of lit camphor, katpura -that leaves no trace. Burning the camphor symbolizes the burning of our ego- ahamkaar, thus allowing us to be one with God. The merging with God — the flame burns all our impurities which escape in black smoke. Only a white pure divine powder- vibhuti — is left as trace.

The Jivatma meets the Paramaatma and we tell God that the light within us has been lit. Aathi is the illumination of the spirit atma. Aarthi is all about praising God when we have understood His grandeur, His power, His manifestations, His attributes. We also let him know that we have received His light. Explanation of the prayer 1.


It is ek akshara Brahma — everything, all inclusiveness, God in one letter.Download Free Sai Baba Books. Ganesh Aarti. Improved performance and UI. Let all-pervading difficult times be annoyed with me.

Sai lived in a rebuilt Masjid and urged his devotees to pray to God, as the Creator and to love and respect all living beings. Invocation of Primordial sound in the beginning the devas Celestial beings worshipped Lord Vishnu by means of a sacrificial fire yagyan by such religious deeds they attain greatness in heaven the abode of the divine, Celestial beings.